“Thanks to the ONE THOUSAND library, I have one less magic number to hard-code.” “Multiplying a string? That's brilliant.” “I wanted to perform advanced string manipulation, but I was held down by the constraints of the .NET BCL...” “Rubbishsoft allows me to drive down the bottom line...” “I experienced some SQL GUID collisions that LongGUID resolved...”



Current Version: v1.0

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ILMunge is released under the Rubbishsoft General Public License v1.


Rubbishsoft's flagship product is ILMunge, a game-changing proof-of-concept tool that sits below the Microsoft .NET Framework and allows a consumer to replace non-dynamic method bodies at run-time. Can't get that assembly to load dynamically quite the way you want to? With ILMunge, you can subscribe to your own personal assembly loading events that perform resolution the way it should be. Are you tired of playing by the rules of the C# language specification? Don't worry - the barriers of the language and the CLR are no more. Multiple inheritance, aspect-oriented programming, named anonymous types, subclassing string with the revolutionary TypeUnsealerâ„¢ technology, and patching your production DLLs are a breeze with ILMunge.

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