“Thanks to the ONE THOUSAND library, I have one less magic number to hard-code.” “I experienced some SQL GUID collisions that LongGUID resolved...” “Multiplying a string? That's brilliant.” “Rubbishsoft allows me to drive down the bottom line...” “I wanted to perform advanced string manipulation, but I was held down by the constraints of the .NET BCL...”



Current Version: v1.3

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LongGUID is released under the Rubbishsoft General Public License v1.


Everyone knows that typical, 128-bit GUIDs are subject to collisions, given enough time. Even though there are almost as many GUID possibilities as atoms in the entire known universe, you can never be too secure with your data.

Rubbishsoft has crafted a unique and secure solution to this dilemma with LongGUID by offering 3.94 x 10115 as much security for your GUIDs by utilizing an industry-leading 512 bits per identifier, as opposed to 128. Your customers will sleep soundly knowing their data will not be subject to duplicates as long as they're within the bounds of our universe. Why offer them anything less? After all, your customers are as unique as this identifier.