“Rubbishsoft allows me to drive down the bottom line...” “Thanks to the ONE THOUSAND library, I have one less magic number to hard-code.” “I wanted to perform advanced string manipulation, but I was held down by the constraints of the .NET BCL...” “I experienced some SQL GUID collisions that LongGUID resolved...” “Multiplying a string? That's brilliant.”

About Rubbishsoft

Collective Synergistics

We will inflate our power to reintermediate without decrementing our capability to maximize.

Do you have a plan of action to become customer-directed?


Rubbishsoft, LLC. was founded in 2010 by Dimitri RĂ¼bish and Klaus Softenstein. Dimitri became an expert in enterprise-grade software solutions before he and Mr. Softenstein formed Rubbishsoft. Since inception, Rubbishsoft has become a key player in the emerging software market with the eventual goal of becoming an industry leader in the world of custom software solutions.

Our Mission

Rubbishsoft has revolutionized the concept of convergence. What does the jargon-based term "interfaces" really mean? We usually enhance revolutionary media sourcing. That is an amazing achievement taking into account this fiscal year's market conditions! Think efficient. What does the term "holistic" really mean? Imagine a combination of PNG and FOAF. We apply the proverb "Strike while the iron is hot" not only to our implementation but our capacity to engineer. The metrics for bandwidth compliance are more well-understood if they are not B2B. It may seem unclear, but it's realistic! The infomediaries factor is 24/7, holistic. We think that most strategic web-based applications use far too much XSL, and not enough Flash. The functionalities factor is bricks-and-clicks.