“Rubbishsoft allows me to drive down the bottom line...” “Thanks to the ONE THOUSAND library, I have one less magic number to hard-code.” “Multiplying a string? That's brilliant.” “I experienced some SQL GUID collisions that LongGUID resolved...” “I wanted to perform advanced string manipulation, but I was held down by the constraints of the .NET BCL...”

Welcome to Rubbishsoft!

What is Rubbishsoft?

Rubbishsoft is an alliance of two world-class software developers with the primary goal of driving-down the bottom-line by championing software engineering best-practices. Rubbishsoft acts as the specialized streamlined bridge that fills the strategic knowledge gap by leveraging low-risk high-reward solutions.


Rubbishsoft, LLC. was founded in 2010 by Dimitri RĂ¼bish and Klaus Softenschein. Dimitri became an expert in enterprise-grade software solutions before he and Mr. Softenschein formed Rubbishsoft. Since inception, Rubbishsoft has become a key player in the emerging software market with the eventual goal of becoming an industry leader in the world of custom software solutions.

Products and Libraries

Rubbishsoft publishes fresh new products often. Our initial launch coincides with the introduction of LongGUID, an identifier so unique that you could uniquely identify any atom in the known universe, or up to 1070 other universes. Our product and library pipeline includes the following:

  • ILMunge - the flagship product that infinitely extends the capabilities of the .NET Framework
  • Maths - an advanced enterprise-grade mathematics library that extends the .NET FCL and allows you to define your own operators on existing types
  • BitCrypter - a lightning-fast encryption algorithm that guarantees 100% of your bits are encrypted
  • RSRPRP - the Rubbishsoft Rubbish Process Removal Process is a service that silently removes unwanted desktop icons and start menu options

... and much more!